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Facebook in Social Media

October 4, 2011

Facebook’s in Social Media

Facebook plays a giant role in social media, taking off in 2004 not expecting to have over 800 million users worldwide accessing the site to either interact with family and friends or connecting with companies and brands they have interest in. Over 50% of their 800 million users log in daily giving outreach to companies and brands to mass markets allowing immense exposure to their products and services. Facebook has propelled the new age of social networking into worldwide applications, impacting sales, celebrity, and political issues around the world. In the world, 1 in 13 people are now connected on the site and over 72% of US internet users are on the site.

     Features of the site include being able to “like” different pages, therefore subscribing to updates including statuses, notes, photos, information and releases allowing more and more people to stay in sync with what they are interested in. Another feature of Facebook is the ability to create a personal page for adding friends, family and businesses to your profile allowing them to access your own personal information. Secondly Facebook has introduced “polls” that businesses and people can create to gather primary research on anything they desire, thus impacting endless amounts of information, which can be incredibly beneficial to businesses and personal users. People would want to sign up to a Facebook account in order to access all of the benefits previously stated, giving users and edge on those not yet signed up. Some may find job postings, press releases, important information and even political news. There are over 900 million different non personal pages (business, bands, companies, brands, etc.) 
     I personally have an account with Facebook and have had many positive experiences with the site, including; job postings, contests, information about graduation, college information and being able to connect with brands and companies I like. Facebook also has developed an “App” for many devices including those supported by Apple, Blackberry, Android and Windows. I have used these resources myself and have found it very beneficial when it comes to interacting with personal contacts and businesses for events such as sales, promotions and events. Negative experiences with the site are almost not existent with me; Facebook in my opinion is on the ball with keeping up to date with its users and technology.

Written by, Kevin Malott


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